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 Armenia and mountainous Karabakh on the political scene of the world
Titre : Armenia and mountainous Karabakh on the political scene of the world / auteur(s) : Ida BABAYAN -
Editeur : Aghvank, Yerevan
Année : 1995
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Printing House #2, Yerevan
Description : 11 x 18 cm, 72 pages, couverture illustrée en couleurs
Collection :
Notes : Tranlated from Russian by Arthur Chilingarian, Design by Khoren Hakobian, Photo on the cover by Ara Misakian
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Armenia
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

The present work is written by Ida, Art Critic, Candidate of Art Criticism. Tragic "landmarks" of the history of the Armenian people are analyzed in this work and the face of yesterday's and today's world is documented and offered from the position of morals and humanism.
...Since just the absence of these categories gives birth to endless genocides (with their logic and psychology), wars and affirms the triumph of ideologies that lead to not only redivision of the world but to destruction of the planet and its inhabitants.
The present work fills up the information vacuum and explains what is going on in Armenia and Karabakh as well as in Europe and Russia.


While examining the problem of "Armenia and Mountainous Karabakh on the Political Scene of the World", which includes the process of the development of the military doctrine of world domination of the Turan idea, the following must be mentioned: the process is versatile and many-sided. Ideology, born by it, has the potential to transform and is effective in peace and war situations. It has caused the breakdown of Armenia and Armenians, as well as irresolvability of the artificially created Mountainous Karabakh conflict.
However, it is not only a regional process, but it has the potential to expand and seriously jeopardize all civilized life.
But since the given process may regress then it is possible to see the naked world bearing the title "Human" and the human being who created it.
The document submitted by the author repudiates the humanity and morality of this world - permanent presence of violence and dishonesty - thanks to imperfection of human mentality and conscience which drowses in profound slumber.
Whereas science returned modesty to human beings a long time ago and rejected the concept of the human being as "the crown of masterpiece", and affirmed that the human being is an infinitely small and fragile particle of the Universe, and I daresay, the most unprotected from natural disasters as well as from all things created by himself, except for the artsr the Institute of State, Institutes of Powers, the Institute of Marriage, public system, all vulnerable ideologies, all religious ideas, science and technology put the human being on the edge of non-existence and so on.
The arts are considered the only wonderful sphere where thirst for justice and truth, mentality and conscious of human being pulsates anxiously. This is more precisely characterized by Herman Bar: "No such epoch existed -flourished by such despair and horror of death. Never has the world been so deaf and dumb as a grave. Never has the human being been so small. Never has he been so terrified. Never has the joy been so far and liberty so dead. The whole epoch becomes a scream - the human being called for his soul. The arts also call for help...". Remember movies by A. Tarkovski, S. Paradjanov, T. Abuladze, "The Catastrophe" by D. Kiosayants, theater staging "King Lear" by R. Sturua and so on.
It's true, however, that the Plan of Survival of Mankind is obvious and the leading countries, military forces of NATO and CIS, and powerful worlds could prevent its tragic termination, but not the nations of all countries representing themselves only'as cannon-fodder, work force and formal vote for electing this or that power that represents the Elite Class who plan redivisions of the World.
Thus, if the above mentioned will wake up its conscious and mentality and will give a chance to its nations to embody _ the ideal model of the world, i.e. the art of the world, into a' reality, then for sure, truth, justice, liberty and Reverence for' Human Life and Human Rights will reign in this world. Then it will not be difficult to fix the ozone holes and stop the grand march of the Turan idea through the world - either flooding Mountainous Karabakh and Armenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Iraq, the Kurds with blood, or dressing in Eurasian clothes.

Yerevan March 1994
Ida Babayan

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