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( 1922 - 2017 )


Fr. Arnak KASPARIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir
Naissance le 27 février 1922, décès le 28 aout 2017 à New Milford (New Jersey, USA)

As an infant, his parents fled persecution in Ottoman Turkey and went to Aleppo, Syria where he attended school. At the age of 14 he traveled to and studied at the Theological Seminary of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem until graduating at the age of 22. He returned to Aleppo, Syria where he taught science in a local Armenian primary school. In 1946 he was invited to continue his religious training and education, along with four former seminary classmates by the late Primate of the Diocese of America, Bishop Tiran Nersoyan of Blessed Memory. Having arrived in America in 1947, he attended the Episcopal Church's General Theological Seminary in New York City, earning a Master's Degree in Theology in 1949. Simultaneously, on weekends he served the parishes of Hartford (St. George) and New Britain (Holy Resurrection), CT. Minas was ordained to the priesthood on April 4, 1948 at the New Britain parish and received the ordination name "Arnak". Soon after he courted and then married Violet (Aslanian) on January 20, 1951 at St. James Armenian Church in Evanston, IL. Fr. Arnak continued his studies after ordination and earned a second Master's in Christian Education from the Hartford Seminary in 1951. That same year he became the assistant pastor and then pastor at St. John's Armenian Church in Detroit, MI for 11 years. In 1962 he moved his family to New Jersey where he became the priest of the newly established Armenian Church of Bergen County in Tenafly, NJ. Fr. Arnak worked with the building committee which ultimately built a modern, progressive, fast growing and fully engaged parish which was consecrated St. Thomas Armenian Church. After almost 30 years leading this vibrant community, Fr. Arnak retired to New Milford, NJ in 1991. He continued serving the Armenian community performing weddings, baptisms, and funerals, and assisting as a visiting pastor to mission parishes or filling in for vacationing clergy.

As an active member of the Tenafly Clergy Association, Fr. Arnak served as its president for 12 years, encouraging interfaith and interdenominational understanding and cooperation. Fr. Arnak had been elected to the Diocesan Council where he served for eight years, four as its chairman. He also served on the Board of Trustees of St. Nersess Armenian Seminary from its establishment in 1962 through 1986, serving as secretary throughout his tenure. Most recently, Fr. Arnak was proud of the two books he self published titled Memories (2003) and Challenges (2013).

Fr. Arnak is survived by a large and loving extended family. This includes his devoted wife Violet (Aslanian) of 66 years; five children: Dr. Stephen Sarkis (Janet), Laurie M Preston (Randall), Maro, Ardis Waldron (Robert), and Thomas Michael; as well as nine grandchildren: Maria, Laura, Elena, Samuel, Trevor, Jacob, Micaela, Minas, and Matthew; and Fr. Arnak's younger brother Hagop. His extended family also includes the thousands of people he married, baptized, and performed other holy sacraments for over his 69 year tenure as a priest.

Fr. Arnak KASPARIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir

Rangement général
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Titre : Memories / auteur(s) : Fr. Arnak KASPARIAN -
Editeur :
Année : 2003
Imprimeur/Fabricant : 
Description : 14,5 x 21,5 cm, 248 pages, 13 en anglais, 115 en arménien, cc
Collection :
Notes : Bilingue anglais-arménien
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Personal memories
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

How This Book Came To Be

Haigaz Krikorian, my friend from Jerusalem Seminary, while visiting me, read my diary about my days in the Seminary and wanted to publish it. I gave him a copy of my diary and he sent a copy to the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Torkom Manoogian. The Patriarch selected one entry and printed it in their official publication, Sion. This article was entitled "From the Diary of a Seminarian," which was the story of a Christmas in Bethlehem. (It was written on January 20, 1940 when I was 18 years old and printed in Sion, January 1996 issue) Haigaz has translated that section of the Diary into English and it is printed in this book.
Fr. Garen Gdanian, who has a publishing fund, offered to publish and distribute my Diary and encouraged me to work on it.
Antranig Poladian, after reading the Diary, suggested that I include some pictures.
Dr. Hagop Nersoyan read before publication and made his comments.
Armen Garabedian, volunteered to layout the book and to help with its design.
My own son in law, Robert Waldron, became the production coordinator.
I thank all of these friends for their encouragement and assistance.
Recently, when I was at Columbia Presbyterian (July 2001) Hospital for major surgery, I was thinking that I was almost 80 years old, I have eight wonderful grandchildren, but they know very little about their grandfather, as I know very little about my grandparents. After thinking this over, I decided it would be the right time to put some memories and thoughts on paper.

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