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 The fine arts in Armenia
Titre : The fine arts in Armenia / auteur(s) : Nonna STEPANYAN -
Editeur : Sovietsky Khudozhnik Publishers, Moscow
Année : 1989
Imprimeur/Fabricant : 
Description : 23,5 x 33 cm, 312 pahes, jaquette illustrée en couleurs, avec 316 illustrations dont 214 en couleurs
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Beaux-Arts arméniens
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Commentaire :

In this volume Nonna Stepanyan, an authority on Armenian art, has consecutively traced the artistic development of the Armenians from early times to our day. It is the first essay presenting the history of Armenian painting, sculpture and applied art as an integral and interconnected whole. The author has tried to bring out the links between the art of the Armenians, one of the oldest peoples on Soviet territory, and the art of other peoples, and also the national characteristics of Armenian art.
The description of historical stages, the silhouettes of individual artists and the examination of concrete works are illustrated by reproductions of the earliest sculptural and architectural monuments, the illuminations and covers of manuscript books deposited in the Matenadaran, traditional carpets, pottery and metal-work.
The section dealing with the art in Soviet Armenia describes the contribution made by the artists who studied and worked in Western Europe and Russia. They attracted the younger painters and sculptors whose work dominated the sixties and seventies.
Nonna Stepanyan calls the readers' attention to the problems of the urban environment in the context of designing and erecting monuments, memorial complexes and decorative sculptures. In Armenia these problems were tackled sooner and solved more efficiently than in many other parts of the Soviet Union.

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