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Adam Bagdasarian is an Armenian American writer for teenagers and young adults. His first novel, Forgotten Fire, became a National Book Award Finalist. His second novel First French Kiss: and other traumas gained as much success as his first one. He resides in New York City.
Son of Ross Bagdasarian creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks and younger brother of Ross Bagdasarian Jr.

I read My Name Is Aram, by William Saroyan, when I was fourteen-years-old. From the first page of the first short story, the book was a revelation. The simplicity of the language, the warmth and humor of the narrator's voice dissolved the usual wall between writer and reader and made me feel a part of the stories I was reading. Before then, many of the books I had to read in school had a soul-deadening formality of the language that was downright exhausting. I knew that there were human beings with human feelings and frailties and conflicts in there somewhere, but I had to hack my way through so much dry language that I hardly cared once I got there. My Name Is Aram, on the other hand, seemed to welcome me right away.
The most important thing about the book was that it made writing (and reading) seem less a rigid intellectual pursuit, than an emotional journey that any man or boy might take into his own heart and spirit. In other words, it helped me discover the kind of writer that I wanted to be-someone who, regardless of the subject matter, made his readers feel as though they had found a good companion.
When I was a little older, my favorite books included The Sun Also Rises, Catcher in the Rye, and The Great Gatsby. But the first and greatest inspiration was My Name Is Aram
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 Forgotten Fire
Titre : Forgotten Fire / auteur(s) : Adam BAGDASARIAN -
Editeur : Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Année : 2000
Imprimeur/Fabricant : USA
Description : 14 x 21,5 cm, 273 pages, jaquette illustrée en couleurs
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ISBN : 9780789426277
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In 1915 Vahan Kenderian is living a life of privilege as the youngest son of a wealthy Armenian family in Turkey. This secure world is shattered when some family members are whisked away while others are murdered before his eyes.
Vahan loses his home and family, and is forced to live a life he would never have dreamed of in order to survive. Somehow Vahan?s incredible strength and spirit help him endure, even knowing that each day could be his last.

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