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 A letter to my Turkish friend
Titre : A letter to my Turkish friend / auteur(s) : Bohdan GEBARSKI - (from the November 26, 1961 issue of the Polish "Kierunki")
Editeur : The Baikar Press
Année : 1963
Imprimeur/Fabricant : 
Description : 15 x 23 cm, 16 pages
Collection :
Notes : First published in the Armenian Mirror-Spectator on June 30, 1962
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Commentaire :


The historic territory, which if called Western Armenia, and which presently remains occupied under the Turkish sceptre, has been the fatherland of the Armenian people for almost three thousand years. Endowed with noble and genuine culture, the Armenian nation has lived, constructed, created and struggled in his native land, and for its freedom, until the awesome crime in 1915, when the Turkish government, with a horrible carnage, massacred and deported approximately 3,000,000 Western Armenians. Therefore until the genocidal crime of 1915, the Armenian people was living and was the owner of his motherland — although as a subject, to the Ottoman rule for the last six centuries.
The Armenian Case, which is simply the confirmation of the right of the Armenian people to live free and secure in Armenia, has had famous champions, like Gladstone, Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilson, and numerous intellectuals, writers, public figures and clergymen from every nation and country.
This letter is a new and heart-stirring appeal, emanated from the pen and heart of the Polish publicist Bohdan Gebarski, addressed to his "Turkish friend," but also to the conscience of the peace-loving humanity. It is our profound conviction that this and similar rational appeals for restitution will find their way in noble hearts, because the peace can become lasting and beneficial, when it is founded on justice. Arid the Armenian people has paid one of the most horrid prices of suffering, blood and martyrdom for gaining justice and restitution.

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