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( n. 1961 )


Hrair Hawk KHATCHERIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir
Hawk was born in Lebanon in 1961. He moves to Canada in 1984. In 1988, he actively participates in various activities of the Diaspora related to the Movement of Artsakh. It is at this moment that Hrair

becomes profoundly and permanently aware of his roots, his origins, his Armenian national identity.

First trip to Armenia, in 1992. Spiritually, he does not come back, ever again... Physically, from then on, he would go there every year, several times a year, often for extended stays.
However, it is the year 1993 that marks the beginning of the second life of Hawk (this formal middle name - not a nickname -, Pazé en arménien, fits him perfectly). That year, he was told that he had terminal cancer, and that there was not much more time for him to live. The physicians actually told him that, within ten days, he would be dead.
Hrair survived. And today, some eighteen years after that prognosis, he is in perfect health. This total healing, which could be qualified as miraculous, may be explained in part by his personal character. Dynamic, hyperactive, combative, determined, optimistic and constantly enthusiastic, Hrair was not one to let the disease defeat him. But what also saved him, was his Faith. Combined with his absolute worship of the Motherland.
In his hospital room where, in a state of medical isolation, he was enduring terrible treatments which by themselves could kill a man, facing his bed, on the wall, there were: a cross and pictures. A few photographs of Armenia and Artsakh. It is by laying down fiercely, day after day, his fatally injured hawk eyes on that cross and on those pictures, that Paze successfully snatched himself from the jaws of death, to take flight and glide high again in the sky, toward his true destiny. Toward…Yergir.
Ever since that crucial year, Hrair lives only for and by Armenia, Artsakh and all the fundamental references, values and fundamental benchmarks of the Armenian world. Against all reason, he abandoned all commercial aspects of his profession, closed his yet prosperous studio. Because he could not bear anymore to see his talent and passion for photography used for practical or monetary objectives. Perpetual traveler - but not a wanderer -, his wife Lena and their children - now young girls - Lori and Palig, often wait for his return, in their always welcoming and warm home, in a suburb of Montreal. They support him with pride, in what seems to be his eternal quest of that last and ultimate photo which does not exist ...
Various sponsors, patrons of the arts, organisms, institutions and individual Armenian patriots contribute to the financial requirements of Hrair's numerous projects. For everything else, Hrair has also his own network of devoted friends, as well as particularly efficient contacts, in all areas necessary of his artistic, spiritual and patriotic activities, his mission, worldwide.

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Hrair Hawk KHATCHERIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir

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 Artsakh, A photographic journey, Un voyage photographique
Titre : Artsakh, A photographic journey, Un voyage photographique / auteur(s) : Hrair Hawk KHATCHERIAN -
Editeur : Eastern Prlacy of the Armenina Apostolic Church of America
Année : 1997
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Printed in Canada
Description : 14,5 x 30 cm, 200 pages, couverture illustrée en couleurs
Collection :
Notes : Trilingue anglais-arménien-français
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Album photographique
ISBN : 0-9697620-0-7
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

I was horn in Lebanon in 1961, a child of the Armenian Diaspora. I moved from one country to another s oral times before settling in Canada in 19X4. But wherever I have lived, I always felt like an immigrant.
I felt Armenian, vaguely, and I knew nothing about Artsakh until 1988, the year of the first upheavals; I began to take part in pro Artsakh demonstrations in Montreal, along with Armenians who feared another genocide.
I wanted to help in the struggle.
But I am a photographer, not a soldier. And so I decided to use my camera to capture the fight for Artsakh.
I made my first trip in 1992.
I took pictures of churches, towns and cities. I took pictures of the people of Artsakh. I made main friends. And I began to feel the strength of my Armenian heritage.
I planned to return in I993.
But that year I was diagnosed with cancer. I was not given long to live. I knew the people of Artsakh were tightening to save their lives, and as I lay in the hospital, I borrowed some of the courage of the men and women I had met in Artsakh.
I vowed I would return, and I believe I got the strength to survive from them.
I returned three more times to complete the photographs in this book. "ARTSAKH: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY" is the record of a people and their struggle; it is also a token of thanks.
I have two daughters, Lori and Palig. They are Canadians. I hope this book will help them realize they are also Armenians.
I would like to thank my lovely wife Lena, for her total understanding and support.

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