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( n. 1931 )


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Naissance le 17 Décember 1931 à Racine, (Wisconsin, USA)

Fils de Veron Duhmejian (1908 - 1981), et Melkon Kherdian (1891 – 1958).

An Armenian-American poet, novelist, and biographer, founder of three small presses and editor of three journals: Ararat: A Quarterly, Forkroads: A Journal of Ethnic-American Literature, and Stopinder: A Gurdjieff Journal for Our Time. His wife, Nonny Hogrogian, a painter and award-winning children's book illustrator, was the art director for each of the presses and journals. She also illustrated many of his books, and provided nearly all of his book titles. He liked to refer to her as his Senior Editor, while evoking the Armenian word, Garavel, that doesn't exist in the English language: the one who civilizes, which provision too often falls on mothers and wives—wives in particular. For two years they lived in Lyme Center, New Hampshire, where he was the state "poet-in-the-schools". The state university library is one repository for their works (in a joint collection).Hogrogian has illustrated some of his books, both poetry anthologies edited by Kherdian and his own writings.

Kherdian's reputation is spread over all the genres he has worked in, from his many books, to the three journals he edited, as well as his three small presses he founded. He was the first to place ethnic-American writers within the canon of American literature, which he accomplished through anthologies and journals, and just as importantly with his own writings. As an editor, writer, and publisher, Kherdian has always been ahead of his time; he comes down the long intermittent line of mystic American poets, namely, Walt Whitman, Henry Thoreau, and Emily Dickinson—poets who are rarely valued in their lifetimes.

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 The Nonny Poems
Titre : The Nonny Poems / auteur(s) : David KHERDIAN -
Editeur : MacMillan, New Yok
Année : 1974
Imprimeur/Fabricant : USA
Description : 16 x 24 cm, non paginé
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Poetry
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

A relationship forged from tears, anxiety, and laughter
The Nonny Poems are a lyrical celebration of love in a difficult time, a retelling of a single courtship and marriage. They trace the growth of two highly individual people toward each other and beautifully evoke the peace and communion that result when what is complex and painful in love has been seen and faced clearly. David Kherdian has written of all this with a truly breathtaking range of tone and insight: the poems in the first section of the book ("New York") have a meditative toughness, and those in the second section ("New Hampshire") a country clarity that surpass anything Kherdian has done before.
The Nonny Poems expand not only the possibilities of poetry, but—perhaps more importantly—the possibilities of love.

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