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Patriarch Thorgom KOUCHAGIAN
( 1874 - 1939 )

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Patriarch Thorgom KOUCHAGIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir
Naissance le 27 décembre 1874 à Bardizag (Empire ottoman), décès le 10 février 1939 à Jérusalem

Évêque de l’Église arménienne à Sébaste (Sivas ; 1907-1914), des Arméniens d'Égypte (1914-1930), puis patriarche de Jérusalem (1931-1939).

Patriarch Thorgom KOUCHAGIAN --- Cliquer pour agrandir

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 "Via the Gospel" : meditations on the Gospels of the Armenian liturgy
Titre : "Via the Gospel" : meditations on the Gospels of the Armenian liturgy / auteur(s) : Patriarch Thorgom KOUCHAGIAN - by Archbishop Thorgom Kouchagian ; translated by H.V. Mouradian
Editeur : London : Faith Press ; Milwaukee : Morehouse
Année : 1934
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Great Britain
Description : xi, 96 p. ; 19 cm,Préface
Collection :
Notes : Originally published in Hai Khosnag, a periodical published in Constantinople
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Sunday meditations
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :


ARCHBISHOP THORGOM' S Via the Gospel stands unique in its class. These Sunday Meditations which are based on Gospel Readings in the Liturgy of the Armenian Church are veritable gems of poetic elegance. They, moreover, reflect deep spiritual insight and a masterly grasp of religious truth rarely to be found in the common run of so-called " Daily Meditations," not only revealing stimulating freshness and originality of thinking, but also genuine literary skill in the treatment of the subject. This latter trait of the work makes the reading of the book doubly interesting and valuable to those who have been trained to think of religious truth independently of external authority, and to regard religious experience within reach of every earnest seeker of truth. And when one can see with what artistic skill the author has evolved these uplifting and inspiring thoughts out of seemingly unimportant and irrelevant passages, the mental and spiritual delight becomes all the more irresistible. To understand this one has only to turn to chapters like " Unrecognised Benefactions " (Chap. XL.) or " Three Pictures in One Frame " (Chap. XIV.).
The translation of this highly interesting work was undertaken without any suggestion whatever from the author, but on purely personal impulse, with the firm belief that it would be a -valuable addition to existing works of this class, and in the hope that the English reading public, particularly the clergy, would find it both inspiring and instructive. The task was not an easy one, not because of technical or linguistic difficulties, but because of dissimilarities in the mode of expression and literary style characterising each languageArmenian lending far more readily to a poetic, ornate style in writing than English. Consequently, if it should appear that despite of every honest effort on our part to avoid a flowery and ornate style, we have but partially succeeded, our only apology is that we have tried, before everything else, to be scrupulously faithful to the original.
Limited space has made it necessary to dispense with the entire Scripture Lesson under each chapter, being content with the insertion of the reference. For convenience of textual identification, however, we have prefaced each chapter with the pivotai verse in the assigned reading whenever this has been possible or necessary.
The translator had the honour of accompanying the author as his aide during the war throughout his travels in India and British Settlements. Hence, his intimate acquaintance with his former chief, and his close contact with his unique and charming personality have rendered the work of translation a doubly pleasant and enjoyable occupation.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
April 6th, 1934.

THE writings composing this booklet, which were originally published in Hai Khosnag, a periodical published in Constantinople, are simply what the general title pur-ports, namely, meditations suggested by Gospel Readings of Sunday or other week-day festivals.
Much as we would have liked, it has been deemed impractical to preface each section with the Gospel Reading belonging thereto, simply because we have wished to avoid giving the work the form of a commentary or book of sermons, something that was far from the original purpose.
But it is important, perhaps even indispensable, that before or after reading a section, the verses indicated thereunder be carefully read. This would be not only an aid to understand thoughts at times expressed in a too condensed form, but also a good opportunity to give the mind, at least once in a week, the enjoyment of evangelical meditation that to the souls weary in the hurry and bustle of modem life would prove a purifying and strengthening occupation.

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