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 Armenia - Pictorial Treasury of An Ancient Land
Titre : Armenia - Pictorial Treasury of An Ancient Land / auteur(s) : Jacob MAJARIAN -
Editeur : National Capital Printing
Année : 2001
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Canberra
Description : 21 x 30 cm, 148 pages, couverture illustrée en couleurs
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Armenia -- Photographs
ISBN : 095792450X
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :


This splendid pictorial and textual exposition of the ancient and modern treasures of Armenia and her industrious, faith-filled people is a splendid offering on the momentous and propitious occasion of our Seventeen Hundred Years' Jubilee of Faith.
It is very appropriate that it has been prepared and published at a time of wonder and joy for all Armenians as we celebrate through the whole year 2001 the conversion of our nation to Christianity.
Armenians scattered throughout the world in the Diaspora of our people will be especially grateful for its increase of our appreciation of the First Christian Nation, its culture, religion and achievements.
Although many of them may not be able to be physically in Yerevan for the official celebrations they and their non-Armenian friends will, through this outstanding work and its images, be able to travel to the homeland of their ancestors in their imaginations.
Armenia will speak to her children throughout the world through this book. Now a young republic facing tremendous challenges, Armenia looks to her people and their friends throughout the world for appreciation of her many sacrifices and sufferings since ancient times and support in the years that lie ahead.
Our people throughout the world need to tell again and again the story of the Apostolate of St Gregory the Illuminator in Armenia and the exceptional role of King Tiridates, together with St Gregory, in founding, spreading and multiplying the Christian faith amongst our people.
We must always strive to be worthy of the fact that the saving light of the Gospel was accepted by our nation ahead of many other nations. This splendid presentation should encourage all of us to bring our personal commitment to the evangelisation begun seventeen centuries ago.
Glory to St Gregory the Illuminator Glory to the Armenian Christian people
And Glory in a special way to those who keep burning the Lantern of St Gregory.
With Paternal blessing, Nerses Bedros XIX,
Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia, for the Armenian Catholics

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