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 Book of echoes
Titre : Book of echoes / auteur(s) : Rev. Zenob NALBANDIAN -
Editeur : Armenian Church of America
Année : 1997
Imprimeur/Fabricant : St Vartan Press
Description : 14,5 x 21,5 cm, 364 pages, cc
Collection :
Notes : Bilingue anglais arménien ; translation by Prof. Ara Avakian
Autres auteurs :
Sujets :
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Commentaire :


This book is a compilation of articles written by the author on various occasions over the last few years.
The articles are grouped under four main headings. The reader will sense the inner logical tie that binds each group of articles together, especially the second, third, and fourth groups. In his subject matter setting forth his feelings of deference toward his chosen personalities, both of world-wide fame and of our own culture, the author has succeeded well in doing so, thanks to his illustrious intellectual strength and his profound knowledge of the material.
Here we find three absolute greats - St. Mesrop Mashtots, General Andranik, and Komitas Vardapet. Here too are our own, as well as foreign, tillers of our Armenian spiritual fields, who add their share to our spiritual repository. The level of our gratitude toward them is a measure of our spiritual maturity.
Especially interesting are the articles grouped under the collective heading of "Religious and Ethical." Here the author enlightens us on a number of issues that plague mankind today, as well as the Armenian people particularly. For many years we have all been waiting for some of our clergy to become involved, as do many foreign clergymen, in issues that are causing turmoil in the race of mankind, thereby rising beyond being merely the performer of religious rituals.
It pleases me to record here that, thanks to his multi-faceted proficiency, the author courageously tackles the complicated issues concerning man's life, death, and socio-religious matters. He includes detailed accounts concerning the nature of a number of cults.
Victor Hugo has said, "A good clergyman is God's forerunner." I am well acquainted with the author, Fr. Zenob Nalbandian, and I have no hesitation in saying that he is the very clergyman Victor Hugo sets apart. As they say, "the right man in the right place."
Thanks to his broad-based curiosity and his erudition, the prolific output of his pen is edifying, useful, and enlightening.
It would be good for all Armenians to read this book, for in doing so they will find their mental horizons extended and the boundaries of their knowledge spreading outward.

Samuel Antosian, Ph.D.

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