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Rev. Sarkis PAPAJIAN


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Rev. Sarkis Papajian was born in Chunkoosh, Turkish Armenia. He received his elementary education in his birthplace. Came to America in 1913. He received his secondary education at the Franklin and Marshall Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; his college education at the Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Penna., and Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio, from which he graduated in 1926, with a B.A. Degree. Graduated from the Lancaster Theological Seminary in 1929 with a B.D. Degree. He served the South Bend Charge of the Evangelical Reformed Church from 1929-1934; The St. Luke's Evangelical-Reformed Church from 1934-1943; First Armenian Congregational Church of Fowler, Calif, from 1943-1950; then from 1951-1954. He became Executive Secretary of the AGBU, Western District until his retirement on February 1, 1967.
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 A brief history of Armenia
Titre : A brief history of Armenia / auteur(s) : Rev. Sarkis PAPAJIAN -
Editeur : Armenian Evangelical Union of North America
Année : 1974
Imprimeur/Fabricant : 
Description : 12,5 x 20 cm, 134 pages, couverture illustrée
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : History of Armenia
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

Young people, spouses of mixed marriages and non-Armenians frequently ask me whether I have a brief book on the Armenians, their history and culture that they can read, understand and appreciate in a short time. To my knowledge there is no such book. Most of the books available on the subject are sitting on library shelves good for those who are scholars or are writing something scholarly. The demand is for something brief and inclusive, for the average person harassed by work, activities, and time schedules. What they need and what is quick historical, cultural sandwiches.
That is what Rev. Sarkis Papajian has given us. Armenian parents, grandparents, mothers and fathers-in-law will find it a very practical and useful gift to give away to those who wish to have a quick but comprehensive idea about the Armenians.
Rev. S. Papajian has made it clear and emphatic that we, the Armenians, are not like tumble-weeds blown around by every wind but that we are a people that have deep and meaningful roots, a historical, cultural and spiritual heritage that has given us strength, stability, courage, and hope amidst all vicissitudes of history for almost three thousand years.
Therefore, we boldly recommend it to all English readers, who wish to know in a brief span of time, who the Armenians are. This little book will give the American-Armenian youth a comprehensive knowledge about their roots and heritage.
With that hope and confidence, we recommend it to all who love Armenia and the Armenians.
Harry M. Missirlian
Moderator of Armenian Evangelical Union of North America
January, 1974 Fresno, California

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