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 Record Guide - Armenian Musicians and Composers
Titre : Record Guide - Armenian Musicians and Composers / auteur(s) : John M. SARIAN -
Editeur : Ararat Press
Année : 1979
Imprimeur/Fabricant : New York
Description : 14 x 21,5 cm, 49 pages, couverture illustrée en couleurs
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Armenian Music
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :


The AGBU of America initiated this project with the hope that the end result would be a resource list for the public of currently available records of Armenian music and music by Armenian musicians and composers. Records were obtained by purchase from several major New York City record stores, and also acquired through the generosity of the following contributors, to whom we are very grateful: Anahid Ajemian and the late Maro Ajemian, the AGBU record library, Sahan Ar-zruni, Mary and Antranik Enkababian, Armen Mandakunian, Armen Babamian, Nurhan Arman, Ida Kavafian, and Jackie Shahbazian.
We imposed certain limitations on the project: (1) restriction to records currently available; (2) avoidance of an exhaustive, historical approach; and (3) a one-year period in which to track down as many records as possible.
Letters of inquiry were sent to approximately 150 Armenian recording artists and composers.
In the description of Armenian music records we felt it was important to provide a guide as to whether the performance style, selections, instruments, and/or instrumentation were authentic, or acculturated (that is, containing musical elements of Western and Armenian styles). If the music is presented in an acculturated style, the degree to which that is the case is also noted. Authentic Armenian musical style is not further differentiated, i.e., as to Eastern (Soviet-Armenian, Persian-Armenian, etc.) or Western (American-Armenian, European-Armenian, Turkish-Armenian, etc.).
On the ethnic records we mention the number of Armenian and non-Armenian compositions. Categories include art, popular, folk, and troubadour (ashugh, kusan, and Sayat Nova): and vocal, instrumental, and dance.
For the convenience of the record-buying public, an appendix of record stores and companies at which the listed records and similar ones may be purchased or ordered has been provided, as well as an index of the composers and performers in this discography.
The project would not have been possible without the suggestions of Professor Leo Hamalian, editor of Ararat; the direction, encouragement, and editorial help of Armine Dikijian. My deepest gratitude to these individuals, and to the AGBU.
John M. Sarian
February 1979

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