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 Displacement of the Armenians - Documents
Titre : Displacement of the Armenians - Documents / auteur(s) : Dr. Salahi R. SONYEL -
Editeur :
Année : 1978
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Ankara
Description : 17 x 24 cm, 48 pages, Trilingue anglais, français, turc
Collection :
Notes : Plaidoyer pro-turc
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Armenian displacement -- Negationnnism
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :


Armenian citizens, with whom we have co-existed in good terms for centuries within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire; who have been good citizens and served at the higher positions of the Ottoman Empire, are being subjected to an unjust and ruthless propaganda, carried out and intensified by certain fanatical circles, increasingly hi recent years.
Genocide claims!
In the country which was in a struggle for life and death, some of our Armenian citizens, forgetting their citizenship, attempted to rise as a result of external agitations as well as the instigation and provocation of certain fanatical circles and planned to continue their actions during the war in spite of all the warnings.
In the face of those facts, the Ottoman Empire planned to displace some of the Armenian citizens temporarily to other parts of the country taking the most humane measures, in order to ensure, at the rear front, the security of the Ottoman armies, fighting at various fronts, following the example of other countries, which did the same in different periods of history. Although this is a historical fact, there are some people who claim that this event is a genocide and these are malicious persons who want to threaten world peace and especially to incite a conflict in the Middle East.
We want to answer all those plays staged by ill-willed persons and the intentional propoganda only with documents and to leave the final decision to our readers.
Here are the E 5523 documents which carry the signature of Mr. Talat, who was the Minister of Internal Affairs at that time and killed by the bullet of a fanatical Armenian. The originals are in the files bearing the number 9158 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the State Archives of the United Kingdom.

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