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Paul Nadim TARAZI
( n. 1943 )


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Naissance le 2 octobre 1943 à Jaffa (Palestine)

THE V. REV. DR. PAUL NADIM TARAZI has been teaching Scripture for well over forty years. His teaching ministry has included a full-time professorship at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, New York, as well as adjunct positions at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts, and the St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology in Balamand, Lebanon. His work covers the full range of scriptural studies in Old and New Testaments, Biblical Hebrew and Greek, Academic Arabic, and Homiletics. He has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities and institutions in the United States and Canada, as well as Australia, Chile, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Romania, Serbia, and Syria, and has represented the Antiochian Orthodox Church at various ecumenical gatherings.
Fr. Paul is the author of a three volume Introduction to the Old Testament, a four volume Introduction to the New Testament, Galatians: A Commentary, I Thessalonians: A Commentary, and Land and Covenant. His work in the Chrysostom Bible series includes: Genesis: A Commentary, Philippians: A Commentary, Romans: A Commentary, Colossians & Philemon: A Commentary, 1 Corinthians: A Commentary, 2 Corinthians: A Commentary, Ezekiel: A Commentary, Joshua: A Commentary, Isaiah: A Commentary, Jeremiah: A Commentary, Hebrews: A Commentary and The Pastorals: A Commentary. His Audio Bible Commentaries on the books of the Old and New Testament are available online through the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (OCABS).
Fr. Paul was born in Jaffa, Palestine, moved to Cairo, Egypt and then to Beirut, Lebanon, where he studied at the Christian Brothers French School prior to attending the Jesuit University School of Medicine in Beirut. He pursued theological studies at the Orthodox Theological Institute in Bucharest, Romania where he received his Th.D. degree in New Testament in 1975. He was ordained to the holy priesthood in the United States in 1976 and served as pastor of parishes in Connecticut and New York. He currently lives in Leland, North Carolina. 

Paul Nadim TARAZI --- Cliquer pour agrandir

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 The rise of scripture
Titre : The rise of scripture / auteur(s) : Paul Nadim TARAZI -
Editeur : OCABS Press
Année : 2017
Imprimeur/Fabricant : Printed in the USA
Description : 15 x 22,5 cm, 482 pages, jaquette illustrée en couleurs
Collection :
Notes :
Autres auteurs :
Sujets : Textes bibliques
ISBN : 9781601910387
Lecture On-line : non disponible

Commentaire :

Those who experience the Bible as a living text understand that Scripture possesses a life and power all its own. Written by human hands, texts become sacred when they resonate with ultimate truths encountered in the direst of human circumstances. Paul Nadim Tarazi’s The Rise of Scripture offers a cogent argument for the particulars of how it is the Bible as we have it became Scripture. Avoiding futile speculation over Israelite textual and ethnic origins, Tarazi lays bare the Bible’s strategic defense against hellenistic urban hegemony over the fertile clay and desert environs of western Asia. With the help of biblical Hebrew—a “concocted language,” according to Tarazi—scribes wrote and shaped oral and textual materials into a manifesto of cultural resistance in response to the ethnocentric arrogance of the alien occupation. The successful accomplishment of such a defense relied upon a kind of leveling of the playing field, in which the writers of the Bible came to throw all their own false idols into the fire, resulting in the production of the most scathing collective self-examination in human history. It is the thesis of this book that the reading and teaching of Scripture brings human beings together in the barren wilderness of authentic human existence in obedience to, and under the care of the ultimate Shepherd, the God of Scripture.

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